The unified protocol to assess, validate and empower human skills.

Open-source, public, blockchain-based and distributed skill-validation platform to showcase, track and boost our talents across applications.
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Skyllz standardizes and unifies the validation of every skill (professional or not) you acquire, apply or improve on the Ethereum Blockchain.


Skyllz is designed to empower people based on their exceptional abilities and talents.


Skyllz enables users to participate, transact, and automatically track their self-development freely across the applications on top of the protocol (the Skills Touchpoints Applications, STapps)

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📣 NEW! Last version v1.4
Last version v1.1

Skyllz Distributed Platform (SDP)

The Skyllz Distributed Platform (SDP) is a distributed and open-source skill validation protocol that enables users to validate and empower skills acquisition, allocation, contextualization and boosting freely within and across Skills Touchpoints Applications (STapps) such as e-learning platforms, networking platforms, portfolio platforms, offline education platforms or any other platform that want to benefit from and add value to the Skyllz ecosystem.

The protocol sets the standards to create a cross-platform ecosystem where users acquire, apply or improve a skill on any Skill Touchpoint application (STapp) built on top of it.

Users can validate their skills across STapps with Proof-of-Skill (Skyllz reputation) and finance their self-development with Skyllz Tokens.


Disrupting status quo and avoiding biases with a decentralized and anonymized system of  P2P validations of skills thanks to the Raters (that act as oracles between other users and the Smart Contracts)


Proof-of-Skill and Skyllz Tokens are both reflected on the Ethereum Blockchain and are publicly accessible and visible. No single company owns or benefits from the storage of this data anymore. The value is shared among the community in a meritocratic way


Specially designed for developers and game-changers that want to bring and get value from the SDP. Skyllz APIs ( simplify the integration with the SDP to help the community build or enhance powerful and impactful solutions that will change the world

SDP Architecture

Blockchain layer

Skyllz is built on top of the Ethereum Blockchain

Proof of Skills

Skyllz reputation. Non-tradeable. Assigned as validations of skills acquisition, allocation, contextualization or boosting.

SKT (Skyllz Tokens)

Exchangeable ERC-20 compliant tokens of fixed supply that enable users to participate and get validations of their skills on or across any application of the ecosystem

Open-source APIs that provide access to Skyllz Smart Contracts.

Application layer

Skills Touchpoint Applications (STapps) that add to and get value from the whole ecosystem


  • 2015

    Harvard Pilot | Boston, USA

    Alpha Release

  • 2016

    Incorporation Workkola Inc

    Beta Release (v1.0)

    Startup Bootcamp Acceleration program

  • 2017

    Full version Release (v2.0)

    Seed Round EUR 250K

  • 2018
  • SKT Private Pre-Sale (February-March)

  • Workkola + Skyllz v0 - Main architecture + Development plan (Q1).

  • Closing Private Pre-sale + v0.1 (March)

    End of private pre-sale, start of development of proof-of-Skills and implementation on Workkola's current platform.

  • Public Pre-Sale + v0.2 (June)

    Opening public pre-sale and converting Workkola points to SKT. First implementation of SKT on Workkola's platform as unit of account.

  • Closing Public Pre-sale + v0.3 (July)

    UI first implementation for Raters on Workkola's platform

  • Public Main Sale (July-August)

    Running Public main sale with fully functional SKTs on Workkola.

  • Skyllz Distributed Platform (SDP) v1 + Workkola’s integration (Q4)

    Creation of Skyllz UI
    Integration of Workkola’s platform with SDP through Skyllz's private API, Limited access to SDP (only Workkola allowed) to test, iterate, debug and secure the protocol.

  • Release of Workkola new version (v4.0) on top of the SDP (end Q4)

  • 2019
  • Skyllz Distributed Platform v1 testing period (Q1-Q2)

    Testing and resolution of technical bugs and security attacks. Testing and optimizing user experience. This version will content the v1.0 of the Human Skills Ecosystem.

  • Skyllz Distributed Platform v2- Public API (Q3)

    Preparing and the documenting public version of

  • Skyllz voting system implementation (Q3)

    Implementing the SKT holder + Proof-of-Skills holder internal voting system to decentralize key decision-making

  • Testing and optimization of the SDP v2 (Q4)

    Testing and securing public API and the voting system. First third-party applications integrations with the SDP (beta)

  • 2020
  • Launch of full version of Skyllz Distributed Platform (Q1)

    New STapps on top of the SDP, expanding the ecosystem.

  • Skyllz Distributed Platform v3

    Start working on the Skyllz big picture: converting you into your main asset Tokenization of You

Skyllz Tokens (SKT)

The Skyllz Token (SKT), an ERC-20 compliant utility token (check Mougayar’s Roles, purpose & features analysis), enables users to access and transact on the SDP. They serve as a unit of account that enable users to participate and get validations of their skills on or across any application of the ecosystem.

Skyllz Tokens (SKT)

The Skyllz Token (SKT), an ERC-20 compliant utility token (check Mougayar’s Roles, purpose & features analysis), enables users to access and transact on the SDP. They serve as a unit of account that enable users to participate and get validations of their skills on or across any application of the ecosystem.

Allocation of Tokens

50% of total issued SKT

Sold in the Token Sale (pre-sale + main sale)

30% of total issued SKT

Retained for early adoption of STapps on top of the SDP

10% of total issued SKT

Retained for the team and as incentive for future employees and contributors

10% of total issued SKT

As incentives for contributors (Bounty Program) and future development contributors‹ (STapps)

SKT Sale Timeline 2018


Be part of the biggest unified Skills Ecosystem that will revolutionize Talent assessment. Forever.
Get notified of news and updates about the Skyllz project.


Workkola helps digitally-skilled students showcase their talents, build their own Talent Brand and unlock amazing job opportunities. It helps companies scout and hire vetted talent.
“At Workkola, we want to change the way talents get access to work and work gets access to talents.” Commitment To Awesomeness

Workkola, Inc

Talent Branding đŸ€™

Talent Branding replaces resumes with a human-centred system of metrics, validations and endorsements based on hard & soft skills, attitude, values, and personalities. It helps track outstanding abilities and achievements through challenges posted by startups, scale-ups and innovative companies.
Founding Team đŸ•ș

Workkola’s team, the team behind Skyllz, started to design the future of talent empowerment back in February 2015.

As part of their main mission of changing the way talents get access to work and work gets access to talents, and in order to create a meaningful and game-changing solution, Workkola’s team takes a step further on embracing all the possibilities of the blockchain technology to scale and impact the globe with Skyllz.

Alvaro Mancilla Moreno
Alvaro Mancilla Moreno

CEO & Cofounder

Entrepreneur-by-nature and comfort-zone breaker.  2.5+ years working at Workkola.
JesĂșs ChacĂłn Ávila
JesĂșs ChacĂłn Ávila

CTO & Cofounder

Full-stack developer and blockchain developer. Background in Computer Sciences. 2.5 years working at Workkola.
Antonio Negrillo RomĂĄn
Antonio Negrillo RomĂĄn

CMO & Cofounder

Marketing and growth hacking background. 2.5+ years working at Workkola.

Team 🚀

Alejandro Jurado
Alejandro Jurado

Full-stack developer

Background in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and master degree in Web development. Patent pending owner 😉
Rebeca Canal
Rebeca Canal

Communication & Content

Background in Communication and Media. Digital Entrepreneur. Previously: publishing and fashion industry
Giorgio Fidei
Giorgio Fidei

B2B Growth & Business Developer

Background in Economics and Management, master degree in e-commerce. Startups specialist.
Hugo Immink
Hugo Immink

HR & Organizational psycologist

Background in Organizational Psychology, Coaching and Leadership. Previously: HR manager @ HCC Global, professor @ EADA and professional coach.
Elsa CamĂ­
Elsa CamĂ­

UX/UI designer

Background in UX and Arts. Previously: UX designer @ Techstars London, Startup Bootcamp Barcelona and
Brice Chalopet
Brice Chalopet

Senior Lead Generation

Background in Marketing and Business Development. Previously: Facebook account manager in Ireland (6 years)
Advisors 🧐
David Riudor
David Riudor

Blockchain Advisor

Blockchain technical expert and entrepreneur. Formerly part of Real Markets (REAL) Team (blockchain-based real estate investing platform)
Flavio Escribano
Flavio Escribano


Research Team Leader in Motivational Design and Gamification application in Soft Skills acquisition (xBadges Project), education and quality of working life.
PhD degree in Videogames as Art Education Tool. Lecturer & researcher (European Commission, DIAGEO, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe,
) in gamification, videogames, education and training.
Manuel RodrĂ­guez
Manuel RodrĂ­guez


Serial entrepreneur. 16+ years of experience in Education
Carlos RodrĂ­guez
Carlos RodrĂ­guez

Blockchain Advisor

Full-stack and blockchain developer. Entrepreneur. Formerly part of Real Markets (REAL) Team (blockchain-based real estate investing platform)
José Luis Minguez
José Luis Minguez


Business Angel. Blockchain enthusiast, geek and Investor. Mentor at different Startups accelerators and partner at different VC Funds.
Brent Nally
Brent Nally


Senior Account Executive at LinkedIn Learning Enterprise (SFO, CA). Known at LinkedIn as the “cryptoguy”.  He hosts his own Youtube channel on cryptoassets (
Álvaro Villacorta
Álvaro Villacorta


Serial entrepreneur & Investor. Sold his company to Rocket Internet. Previously Rocket Internet Managing Director (Foodora). Founder @ Likido, Tokenized VC Fund.
Current Partners & Investors